LHAPDF dataset archive

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Index Name Dir Download tarball info file
251 GRVPI0 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
252 GRVPI1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
270 xFitterPI_NLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
280 xFitterPI_NLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
1000 JAM21PionPDFnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2000 JAM21PionPDFnlo_pT (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3000 JAM21PionPDFnlonll_cosine (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
4000 JAM21PionPDFnlonll_expansion (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
5000 JAM21PionPDFnlonll_double_Mellin (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10042 cteq6l1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10150 cteq61 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10550 cteq66 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10770 CT09MCS (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10771 CT09MC1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10772 CT09MC2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10800 CT10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10860 CT10as (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10900 CT10w (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10960 CT10was (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10980 CT10f3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10981 CT10f4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10982 CT10wf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
10983 CT10wf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11000 CT10nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11062 CT10nlo_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11063 CT10nlo_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11064 CT10nlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11065 CT10nlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11066 CT10nlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11067 CT10nlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11068 CT10nlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11069 CT10nlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11070 CT10nlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11071 CT10nlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11072 CT10nlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11073 CT10nlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11074 CT10nlo_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11075 CT10nlo_as_0125 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11076 CT10nlo_as_0126 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11077 CT10nlo_as_0127 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11080 CT10nlo_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11082 CT10nlo_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11100 CT10wnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11162 CT10wnlo_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11163 CT10wnlo_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11164 CT10wnlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11165 CT10wnlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11166 CT10wnlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11167 CT10wnlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11168 CT10wnlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11169 CT10wnlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11170 CT10wnlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11171 CT10wnlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11172 CT10wnlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11173 CT10wnlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11174 CT10wnlo_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11175 CT10wnlo_as_0125 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11176 CT10wnlo_as_0126 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11177 CT10wnlo_as_0127 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11180 CT10wnlo_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11182 CT10wnlo_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11200 CT10nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11260 CT10nnlo_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11261 CT10nnlo_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11262 CT10nnlo_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11263 CT10nnlo_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11264 CT10nnlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11265 CT10nnlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11266 CT10nnlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11267 CT10nnlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11268 CT10nnlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11269 CT10nnlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11270 CT10nnlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11271 CT10nnlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11272 CT10nnlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11273 CT10nnlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11274 CT10nnlo_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11275 CT10nnlo_as_0125 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11276 CT10nnlo_as_0126 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11277 CT10nnlo_as_0127 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11278 CT10nnlo_as_0128 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11279 CT10nnlo_as_0129 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
11280 CT10nnlo_as_0130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
12000 CJ12min (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
12100 CJ12mid (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
12200 CJ12max (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
12300 CJ15lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
12400 CJ15nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13000 CT14nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13060 CT14nnlo_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13061 CT14nnlo_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13062 CT14nnlo_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13063 CT14nnlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13064 CT14nnlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13065 CT14nnlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13066 CT14nnlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13067 CT14nnlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13068 CT14nnlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13069 CT14nnlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13070 CT14nnlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13071 CT14nnlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13072 CT14nnlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13081 CT14nnloIC (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13090 CT14nnlo_NF3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13091 CT14nnlo_NF4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13092 CT14nnlo_NF6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13100 CT14nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13158 CT14nlo_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13159 CT14nlo_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13160 CT14nlo_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13161 CT14nlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13162 CT14nlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13163 CT14nlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13164 CT14nlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13165 CT14nlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13166 CT14nlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13167 CT14nlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13168 CT14nlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13169 CT14nlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13170 CT14nlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13190 CT14nlo_NF3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13191 CT14nlo_NF4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13192 CT14nlo_NF6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13200 CT14lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13201 CT14lo_NF3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13202 CT14lo_NF4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13203 CT14lo_NF6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13205 CT14llo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13206 CT14llo_NF3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13207 CT14llo_NF4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13208 CT14llo_NF6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13300 CT14qed_proton (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13350 CT14qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13400 CT14qed_inc_proton (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
13450 CT14qed_inc_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14000 CT18NNLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14060 CT18NNLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14061 CT18NNLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14062 CT18NNLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14063 CT18NNLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14064 CT18NNLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14065 CT18NNLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14066 CT18NNLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14067 CT18NNLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14068 CT18NNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14069 CT18NNLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14070 CT18NNLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14071 CT18NNLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14072 CT18NNLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14073 CT18NNLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14074 CT18NNLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14100 CT18ZNNLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14160 CT18ZNNLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14161 CT18ZNNLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14162 CT18ZNNLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14163 CT18ZNNLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14164 CT18ZNNLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14165 CT18ZNNLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14166 CT18ZNNLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14167 CT18ZNNLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14168 CT18ZNNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14169 CT18ZNNLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14170 CT18ZNNLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14171 CT18ZNNLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14172 CT18ZNNLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14173 CT18ZNNLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14174 CT18ZNNLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14200 CT18ANNLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14260 CT18ANNLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14261 CT18ANNLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14262 CT18ANNLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14263 CT18ANNLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14264 CT18ANNLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14265 CT18ANNLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14266 CT18ANNLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14267 CT18ANNLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14268 CT18ANNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14269 CT18ANNLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14270 CT18ANNLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14271 CT18ANNLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14272 CT18ANNLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14273 CT18ANNLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14274 CT18ANNLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14300 CT18XNNLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14360 CT18XNNLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14361 CT18XNNLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14362 CT18XNNLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14363 CT18XNNLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14364 CT18XNNLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14365 CT18XNNLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14366 CT18XNNLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14367 CT18XNNLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14368 CT18XNNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14369 CT18XNNLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14370 CT18XNNLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14371 CT18XNNLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14372 CT18XNNLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14373 CT18XNNLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14374 CT18XNNLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14400 CT18NLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14460 CT18NLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14461 CT18NLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14462 CT18NLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14463 CT18NLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14464 CT18NLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14465 CT18NLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14466 CT18NLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14467 CT18NLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14468 CT18NLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14469 CT18NLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14470 CT18NLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14471 CT18NLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14472 CT18NLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14473 CT18NLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14474 CT18NLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14500 CT18ZNLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14560 CT18ZNLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14561 CT18ZNLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14562 CT18ZNLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14563 CT18ZNLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14564 CT18ZNLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14565 CT18ZNLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14566 CT18ZNLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14567 CT18ZNLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14568 CT18ZNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14569 CT18ZNLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14570 CT18ZNLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14571 CT18ZNLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14572 CT18ZNLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14573 CT18ZNLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14574 CT18ZNLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14600 CT18ANLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14660 CT18ANLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14661 CT18ANLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14662 CT18ANLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14663 CT18ANLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14664 CT18ANLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14665 CT18ANLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14666 CT18ANLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14667 CT18ANLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14668 CT18ANLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14669 CT18ANLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14670 CT18ANLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14671 CT18ANLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14672 CT18ANLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14673 CT18ANLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14674 CT18ANLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14700 CT18XNLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14760 CT18XNLO_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14761 CT18XNLO_as_0111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14762 CT18XNLO_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14763 CT18XNLO_as_0113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14764 CT18XNLO_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14765 CT18XNLO_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14766 CT18XNLO_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14767 CT18XNLO_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14768 CT18XNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14769 CT18XNLO_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14770 CT18XNLO_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14771 CT18XNLO_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14772 CT18XNLO_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14773 CT18XNLO_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
14774 CT18XNLO_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
20463 MRST2004qed_proton (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
20465 MRST2004qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
20650 MRST2007lomod (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
20651 MRSTMCal (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
21000 MSTW2008lo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
21050 MSTW2008lo90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
21100 MSTW2008nlo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
21150 MSTW2008nlo90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
21200 MSTW2008nnlo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
21250 MSTW2008nnlo90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22000 MSTW2008nlo_asmzrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22100 MSTW2008nlo68cl_asmz+68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22150 MSTW2008nlo68cl_asmz-68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22200 MSTW2008nlo68cl_asmz+68clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22250 MSTW2008nlo68cl_asmz-68clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22300 MSTW2008nlo90cl_asmz+90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22350 MSTW2008nlo90cl_asmz-90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22400 MSTW2008nlo90cl_asmz+90clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22450 MSTW2008nlo90cl_asmz-90clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22500 MSTW2008nnlo_asmzrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22600 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_asmz+68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22650 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_asmz-68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22700 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_asmz+68clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22750 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_asmz-68clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22800 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_asmz+90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22850 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_asmz-90cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22900 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_asmz+90clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
22950 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_asmz-90clhalf (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23000 MSTW2008lo68cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23050 MSTW2008lo90cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23100 MSTW2008lo68cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23150 MSTW2008lo90cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23200 MSTW2008nlo68cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23250 MSTW2008nlo90cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23300 MSTW2008nlo68cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23350 MSTW2008nlo90cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23400 MSTW2008nlo_mcrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23420 MSTW2008nlo_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23440 MSTW2008nlo_mcrange_fixasmz (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23460 MSTW2008nlo_mcrange_fixasmz_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23480 MSTW2008nlo_mbrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23490 MSTW2008nlo_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23500 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23550 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23600 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23650 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23700 MSTW2008nnlo_mcrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23720 MSTW2008nnlo_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23740 MSTW2008nnlo_mcrange_fixasmz (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23760 MSTW2008nnlo_mcrange_fixasmz_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23780 MSTW2008nnlo_mbrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23790 MSTW2008nnlo_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23800 MSTW2008CPdeutnlo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23850 MSTW2008CPdeutnnlo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23900 MSTW2008lo68cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
23950 MSTW2008lo90cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
24000 MSTW2008nlo68cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
24050 MSTW2008nlo90cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
24100 MSTW2008nnlo68cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
24150 MSTW2008nnlo90cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25000 MMHT2014lo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25060 MMHT2014lo_asmzsmallrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25100 MMHT2014nlo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25200 MMHT2014nlo68clas118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25260 MMHT2014nlo_asmzsmallrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25270 MMHT2014nlo_asmzlargerange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25300 MMHT2014nnlo68cl (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25360 MMHT2014nnlo_asmzsmallrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25370 MMHT2014nnlo_asmzlargerange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25400 MMHT2014nlo68cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25410 MMHT2014nlo68cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25420 MMHT2014nlo68cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25500 MMHT2014nlo68clas118_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25510 MMHT2014nlo68clas118_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25520 MMHT2014nlo68clas118_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25560 MMHT2014nlo_asmzsmallrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25570 MMHT2014nlo_asmzsmallrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25600 MMHT2014nlo_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25605 MMHT2014nlo_mcrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25610 MMHT2014nlo_mcrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25615 MMHT2014nlo_mbrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25620 MMHT2014nlo_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25625 MMHT2014nlo_mbrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25630 MMHT2014nloas118_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25635 MMHT2014nloas118_mcrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25640 MMHT2014nloas118_mcrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25645 MMHT2014nloas118_mbrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25650 MMHT2014nloas118_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25655 MMHT2014nloas118_mbrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25700 MMHT2014nnlo68cl_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25710 MMHT2014nnlo68cl_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25720 MMHT2014nnlo68cl_nf4as5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25760 MMHT2014nnlo_asmzsmallrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25770 MMHT2014nnlo_asmzsmallrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25800 MMHT2014nnlo_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25805 MMHT2014nnlo_mcrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25810 MMHT2014nnlo_mcrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25830 MMHT2014nnlo_mbrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25840 MMHT2014nnlo_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
25850 MMHT2014nnlo_mbrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
26000 MMHT2015qed_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
26100 MMHT2015qed_nlo_elastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
26200 MMHT2015qed_nlo_inelastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
26300 MMHT2015qed_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
26400 MMHT2015qed_nnlo_elastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
26500 MMHT2015qed_nnlo_inelastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27000 MSHT20lo_as130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27100 MSHT20nlo_as118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27200 MSHT20nlo_as120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27300 MSHT20nlo_as_smallrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27350 MSHT20nlo_as_largerange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27400 MSHT20nnlo_as118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27500 MSHT20nnlo_as_smallrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27550 MSHT20nnlo_as_largerange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27600 MSHT20nlo_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27700 MSHT20nlo_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27800 MSHT20nlo_as120_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
27900 MSHT20nlo_as120_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28000 MSHT20nlo_as_smallrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28010 MSHT20nlo_as_smallrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28020 MSHT20nlo_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28030 MSHT20nlo_mcrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28040 MSHT20nlo_mcrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28050 MSHT20nlo_mbrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28060 MSHT20nlo_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28070 MSHT20nlo_mbrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28080 MSHT20nlo_as120_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28090 MSHT20nlo_as120_mcrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28100 MSHT20nlo_as120_mcrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28110 MSHT20nlo_as120_mbrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28120 MSHT20nlo_as120_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28130 MSHT20nlo_as120_mbrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28200 MSHT20nnlo_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28300 MSHT20nnlo_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28400 MSHT20nnlo_as_smallrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28405 MSHT20nnlo_as_smallrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28410 MSHT20nnlo_mcrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28420 MSHT20nnlo_mcrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28430 MSHT20nnlo_mcrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28440 MSHT20nnlo_mbrange_nf3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28450 MSHT20nnlo_mbrange_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28460 MSHT20nnlo_mbrange_nf5 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28500 MSHT20qed_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28600 MSHT20qed_nnlo_elastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28700 MSHT20qed_nnlo_inelastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28800 MSHT20qed_nnlo_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
28900 MSHT20qed_nnlo_neutron_elastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
29000 MSHT20qed_nnlo_neutron_inelastic (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
29100 MSHT20an3lo_as118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
29250 MSHT20an3lo_as118_Kcorr (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
29400 MSHT20an3lo_as_smallrange (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
33000 GKG18_DPDF_FitA_LO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
33020 GKG18_DPDF_FitB_LO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
33040 GKG18_DPDF_FitA_NLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
33060 GKG18_DPDF_FitB_NLO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40650 abkm09_3_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40750 abkm09_3_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40780 abkm09_4_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40810 abkm09_4_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40850 abkm09_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40950 abkm09_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42000 abm11_3n_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42030 abm11_4n_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42060 abm11_5n_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42100 abm11_3n_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42130 abm11_4n_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42160 abm11_5n_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42200 abm11_5n_as_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42230 abm11_5n_as_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42300 abm12lhc_3_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42330 abm12lhc_4_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42360 abm12lhc_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42400 ABMP15_3_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42430 ABMP15_4_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42460 ABMP15_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42500 ABMP16_3_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42530 ABMP16_4_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42560 ABMP16_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42600 ABMP16als112_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42630 ABMP16als113_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42660 ABMP16als114_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42690 ABMP16als115_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42720 ABMP16als116_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42750 ABMP16als117_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42780 ABMP16als118_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42810 ABMP16als119_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42840 ABMP16als120_5_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42900 ABMP16_3_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42930 ABMP16_4_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42960 ABMP16_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
42990 ABMP16als114_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43020 ABMP16als115_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43050 ABMP16als116_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43080 ABMP16als117_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43110 ABMP16als118_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43140 ABMP16als119_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43170 ABMP16als120_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43200 ABMP16als121_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43230 ABMP16als122_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43260 ABMP16als123_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43290 ABMP16free_3_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43320 ABMP16free_4_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43350 ABMP16free_5_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
43400 ABMP16_5_nnlo_high_x (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60600 HERAPDF15NNLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60630 HERAPDF15NNLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60650 HERAPDF15NNLO_ALPHAS (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60700 HERAPDF15NLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60730 HERAPDF15NLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60750 HERAPDF15NLO_ALPHAS (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
60800 HERAPDF15LO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61000 HERAPDF20_LO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61100 HERAPDF20_NLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61130 HERAPDF20_NLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61200 HERAPDF20_NNLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61230 HERAPDF20_NNLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61300 HERAPDF20_NLO_FF3A_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61330 HERAPDF20_NLO_FF3B_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61360 HERAPDF20_NLO_FF3A_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61380 HERAPDF20_NLO_FF3B_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61400 HERAPDF20_AG_NLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61430 HERAPDF20_AG_NNLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61500 HERAPDF20_HiQ2_NLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61530 HERAPDF20_HiQ2_NLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61600 HERAPDF20_HiQ2_NNLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61630 HERAPDF20_HiQ2_NNLO_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61650 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61690 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_Duv (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61691 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_fsdn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61692 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_fsup (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61693 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_fshdn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61694 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_fshup (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61695 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_haddn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61696 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_hadup (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61697 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_mbdn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61698 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_mbup (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61699 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_mcdn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61700 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_mcup (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61701 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_q0dn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61702 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_q0up (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61703 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_q2mdn (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61704 HERAPDF20_Jets_NLO_VAR_q2mup (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61710 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61711 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61712 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61713 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61714 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61715 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61716 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61717 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61718 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61719 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61720 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61721 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61722 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61723 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61724 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61725 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_125 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61726 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_126 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61727 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_127 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61728 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_128 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61729 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_129 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61730 HERAPDF20_NLO_ALPHAS_130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61740 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61741 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_111 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61742 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61743 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_113 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61744 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61745 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61746 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61747 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61748 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61749 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61750 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61751 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61752 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61753 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61754 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61755 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_125 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61756 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_126 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61757 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_127 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61758 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_128 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61759 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_129 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
61760 HERAPDF20_NNLO_ALPHAS_130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65000 ATLAS-epWZ12-EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65040 ATLAS-epWZ12-VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65060 ATLAS-epWZ16-EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65100 ATLAS-epWZ16-VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65120 ATLAS-epWZ16-THEO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65140 ATLAS-epWZtop18-EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65180 ATLAS-epWZtop18-VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65200 ATLASepWZVjet20-EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65240 ATLASepWZVjet20-MOD (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65250 ATLASepWZVjet20-PAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65600 ATLASpdf21_T1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
65700 ATLASpdf21_T3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
69000 CSKK_nnlo_EIG (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
69100 CSKK_nnlo_VAR (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
69200 CSKK_nnlo_THEO (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
70400 H1PDF2017 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
80000 METAv10LHC (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
80111 METAv10LHCas0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
80112 METAv10LHCas0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
80120 METAv10LHCH (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
80200 METAv10LHCHfull (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
81000 JR14NNLO08VF (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
81050 JR14NNLO20VF (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
81100 JR14NNLO08FF (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
81150 JR14NNLO20FF (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
81200 JR14NLO08VF (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
81250 JR14NLO08FF (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
82000 LUXqed_plus_PDF4LHC15_nnlo_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
82200 LUXqed17_plus_PDF4LHC15_nnlo_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
82350 LUXqed17_plus_PDF4LHC15_nnlo_30 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
82400 LUXlep-NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_luxqed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90000 PDF4LHC15_nlo_mc_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90200 PDF4LHC15_nlo_100_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90400 PDF4LHC15_nlo_30_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90500 PDF4LHC15_nlo_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90700 PDF4LHC15_nlo_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90900 PDF4LHC15_nlo_30 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
90950 PDF4LHC15_nlo_asvar (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91000 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_mc_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91200 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_100_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91400 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_30_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91500 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91700 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91900 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_30 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
91950 PDF4LHC15_nnlo_asvar (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
92000 PDF4LHC15_nlo_nf4_30 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93000 PDF4LHC21_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93100 PDF4LHC21_40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93200 PDF4LHC21_mc_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93300 PDF4LHC21_40_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93400 PDF4LHC21_mc_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93500 PDF4LHC21_40_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93600 PDF4LHC21_mc_pdfas_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
93700 PDF4LHC21_40_pdfas_nf4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100000 nCTEQ15_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100050 nCTEQ15_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100100 nCTEQ15_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100150 nCTEQ15_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100200 nCTEQ15_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100250 nCTEQ15_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100300 nCTEQ15_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100350 nCTEQ15_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100400 nCTEQ15_20_10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100450 nCTEQ15_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100500 nCTEQ15_40_18 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100550 nCTEQ15_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100600 nCTEQ15_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100650 nCTEQ15_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100700 nCTEQ15_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100750 nCTEQ15_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100800 nCTEQ15_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100850 nCTEQ15_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100900 nCTEQ15_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
100950 nCTEQ15_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
101000 nCTEQ15_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
101050 nCTEQ15_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
101100 nCTEQ15_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102000 nCTEQ15FullNuc_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102050 nCTEQ15FullNuc_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102100 nCTEQ15FullNuc_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102150 nCTEQ15FullNuc_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102200 nCTEQ15FullNuc_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102250 nCTEQ15FullNuc_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102300 nCTEQ15FullNuc_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102350 nCTEQ15FullNuc_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102400 nCTEQ15FullNuc_20_10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102450 nCTEQ15FullNuc_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102500 nCTEQ15FullNuc_40_18 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102550 nCTEQ15FullNuc_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102600 nCTEQ15FullNuc_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102650 nCTEQ15FullNuc_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102700 nCTEQ15FullNuc_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102750 nCTEQ15FullNuc_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102800 nCTEQ15FullNuc_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102850 nCTEQ15FullNuc_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102900 nCTEQ15FullNuc_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
102950 nCTEQ15FullNuc_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
103000 nCTEQ15FullNuc_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
103050 nCTEQ15FullNuc_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
103100 nCTEQ15FullNuc_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104000 nCTEQ15np_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104050 nCTEQ15np_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104100 nCTEQ15np_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104150 nCTEQ15np_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104200 nCTEQ15np_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104250 nCTEQ15np_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104300 nCTEQ15np_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104350 nCTEQ15np_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104400 nCTEQ15np_20_10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104450 nCTEQ15np_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104500 nCTEQ15np_40_18 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104550 nCTEQ15np_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104600 nCTEQ15np_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104650 nCTEQ15np_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104700 nCTEQ15np_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104750 nCTEQ15np_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104800 nCTEQ15np_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104850 nCTEQ15np_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104900 nCTEQ15np_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
104950 nCTEQ15np_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
105000 nCTEQ15np_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
105050 nCTEQ15np_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
105100 nCTEQ15np_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106000 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106050 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106100 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106150 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106200 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106250 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106300 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106350 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106400 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_20_10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106450 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106500 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_40_18 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106550 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106600 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106650 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106700 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106750 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106800 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106850 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106900 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
106950 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
107000 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
107050 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
107100 nCTEQ15npFullNuc_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108000 nCTEQ15HIX_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108050 nCTEQ15HIX_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108100 nCTEQ15HIX_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108150 nCTEQ15HIX_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108200 nCTEQ15HIX_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108250 nCTEQ15HIX_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108300 nCTEQ15HIX_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108350 nCTEQ15HIX_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108400 nCTEQ15HIX_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108450 nCTEQ15HIX_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108500 nCTEQ15HIX_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108550 nCTEQ15HIX_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108600 nCTEQ15HIX_64_29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108650 nCTEQ15HIX_84_36 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108700 nCTEQ15HIX_108_47 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108750 nCTEQ15HIX_119_50 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108800 nCTEQ15HIX_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108850 nCTEQ15HIX_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108900 nCTEQ15HIX_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
108950 nCTEQ15HIX_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110000 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110050 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110100 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110150 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110200 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110250 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110300 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110350 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110400 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110450 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110500 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110550 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110600 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_64_29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110650 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_84_36 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110700 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_108_47 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110750 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_119_50 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110800 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110850 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110900 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
110950 nCTEQ15HIX_FullNuc_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112000 nCTEQ15WZ_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112050 nCTEQ15WZ_1_0 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112100 nCTEQ15WZ_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112150 nCTEQ15WZ_3_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112200 nCTEQ15WZ_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112250 nCTEQ15WZ_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112300 nCTEQ15WZ_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112350 nCTEQ15WZ_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112400 nCTEQ15WZ_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112450 nCTEQ15WZ_9_4_iso (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112500 nCTEQ15WZ_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112550 nCTEQ15WZ_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112600 nCTEQ15WZ_16_8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112650 nCTEQ15WZ_20_10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112700 nCTEQ15WZ_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112750 nCTEQ15WZ_40_18 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112800 nCTEQ15WZ_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112850 nCTEQ15WZ_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112900 nCTEQ15WZ_56_28 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
112950 nCTEQ15WZ_64_29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113000 nCTEQ15WZ_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113050 nCTEQ15WZ_84_36 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113100 nCTEQ15WZ_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113150 nCTEQ15WZ_108_47 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113200 nCTEQ15WZ_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113250 nCTEQ15WZ_119_50 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113300 nCTEQ15WZ_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113350 nCTEQ15WZ_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113400 nCTEQ15WZ_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113450 nCTEQ15WZ_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113500 nCTEQ15WZ_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113550 nCTEQ15WZ_207_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113600 nCTEQ15WZ_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
113650 nCTEQ15WZ_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114000 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114050 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_1_0 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114100 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114150 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_3_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114200 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114250 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114300 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114350 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114400 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114450 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_9_4_iso (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114500 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114550 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114600 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_16_8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114650 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_20_10 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114700 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114750 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_40_18 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114800 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114850 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114900 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_56_28 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
114950 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_64_29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115000 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115050 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_84_36 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115100 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115150 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_108_47 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115200 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115250 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_119_50 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115300 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115350 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115400 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115450 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115500 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115550 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_207_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115600 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
115650 nCTEQ15WZ_FullNuc_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116000 nCTEQ15WZSIH_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116050 nCTEQ15WZSIH_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116100 nCTEQ15WZSIH_3_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116150 nCTEQ15WZSIH_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116200 nCTEQ15WZSIH_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116250 nCTEQ15WZSIH_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116300 nCTEQ15WZSIH_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116350 nCTEQ15WZSIH_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116400 nCTEQ15WZSIH_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116450 nCTEQ15WZSIH_16_8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116500 nCTEQ15WZSIH_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116550 nCTEQ15WZSIH_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116600 nCTEQ15WZSIH_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116650 nCTEQ15WZSIH_56_28 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116700 nCTEQ15WZSIH_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116750 nCTEQ15WZSIH_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116800 nCTEQ15WZSIH_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116850 nCTEQ15WZSIH_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116900 nCTEQ15WZSIH_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
116950 nCTEQ15WZSIH_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
117000 nCTEQ15WZSIH_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
117050 nCTEQ15WZSIH_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
117100 nCTEQ15WZSIH_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
117150 nCTEQ15WZSIH_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118000 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118050 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118100 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_3_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118150 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118200 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_6_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118250 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118300 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_9_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118350 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118400 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118450 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_16_8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118500 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118550 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118600 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118650 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_56_28 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118700 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_64_32 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118750 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_84_42 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118800 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_108_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118850 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_119_59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118900 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
118950 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_184_74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
119000 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
119050 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_197_98 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
119100 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_207_103 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
119150 nCTEQ15WZSIH_FullNuc_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
200200 NNPDF21_lo_as_0119_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
200400 NNPDF21_lo_as_0130_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
200600 NNPDF21_lostar_as_0119_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
200800 NNPDF21_lostar_as_0130_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
229000 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
229200 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
229400 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
229600 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
229800 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
230000 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
230200 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
230400 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
230600 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
230800 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
231000 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
231200 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
231400 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
231600 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
231800 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
232000 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
232200 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
232400 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
232600 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
232800 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
233000 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0123 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
233200 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
233400 NNPDF23_nlo_noLHC_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
233600 NNPDF23_nlo_noLHC_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
233800 NNPDF23_nlo_noLHC_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
234000 NNPDF23_nlo_noLHC_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
234200 NNPDF23_nlo_noLHC_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
234400 NNPDF23_nnlo_noLHC_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
234600 NNPDF23_nnlo_noLHC_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
234800 NNPDF23_nnlo_noLHC_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
235000 NNPDF23_nnlo_noLHC_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
235200 NNPDF23_nnlo_noLHC_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
235400 NNPDF23_nlo_collider_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
235600 NNPDF23_nlo_collider_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
235800 NNPDF23_nlo_collider_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
236000 NNPDF23_nlo_collider_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
236200 NNPDF23_nlo_collider_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
236400 NNPDF23_nnlo_collider_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
236600 NNPDF23_nnlo_collider_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
236800 NNPDF23_nnlo_collider_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
237000 NNPDF23_nnlo_collider_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
237200 NNPDF23_nnlo_collider_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
237400 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
237600 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
237800 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
238000 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
238200 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
238400 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF4_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
238600 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF4_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
238800 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF4_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
239000 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF4_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
239200 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF4_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
239400 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
239600 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
239800 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
240000 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
240200 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
240400 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF5_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
240600 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF5_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
240800 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF5_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
241000 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF5_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
241200 NNPDF23_nnlo_FFN_NF5_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
241400 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0116_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
241600 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0117_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
241800 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
242000 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0119_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
242200 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0120_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
242400 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0116_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
242600 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0117_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
242800 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
243000 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0119_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
243200 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF4_as_0120_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
243400 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0116_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
243600 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0117_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
243800 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
244000 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0119_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
244200 NNPDF23_nlo_FFN_NF5_as_0120_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
244400 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0117_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
244600 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0118_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
244800 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0119_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
245000 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0117_qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
245200 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0118_qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
245400 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0119_qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
245600 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0117_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
245800 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0118_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
246000 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0119_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
246200 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0117_qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
246400 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0118_qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
246600 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0119_qed_neutron (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
246800 NNPDF23_lo_as_0119_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
247000 NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
247200 NNPDF23_nlo_as_0119_qed_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
247400 NNPDF23_nnlo_as_0119_qed_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
250000 NNPDFpol10_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
251000 NNPDFpol11_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
260000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
260200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
260400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
260600 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
260800 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
261000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
261200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
261400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
261600 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
261800 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
262000 NNPDF30_lo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
262200 NNPDF30_lo_as_0118_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
262400 NNPDF30_lo_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
262600 NNPDF30_lo_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
263000 NNPDF30_lo_as_0130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
263200 NNPDF30_lo_as_0130_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
263400 NNPDF30_lo_as_0130_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
263600 NNPDF30_lo_as_0130_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
264000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
264200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0115_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
264400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0115_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
264600 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0115_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
265000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
265200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
265400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
265600 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
266000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
266200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
266400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
266600 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
267000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
267200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0121_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
267400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0121_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
267600 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0121_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
268000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0115 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
268200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0115_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
268400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0115_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
268600 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0115_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
269000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
269200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
269400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
269600 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
270000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
270200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
270400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
270600 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
271000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0121 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
271200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0121_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
271400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0121_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
271600 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0121_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
272000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_cons (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
272200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_cons (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
272400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_cons (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
273000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_cons (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
273200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_cons (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
273400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_cons (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
274000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_hera (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
274200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_hera (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
274400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_hera (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
275000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_hera (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
275200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_hera (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
275400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_hera (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
280000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_atlas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
280200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_atlas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
280400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_atlas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
281000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_atlas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
281200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_atlas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
281400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_atlas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
282000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_cms (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
282200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_cms (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
282400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_cms (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
283000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_cms (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
283200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_cms (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
283400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_cms (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
284000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_nolhc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
284200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_nolhc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
284400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_nolhc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
285000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_nolhc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
285200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_nolhc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
285400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_nolhc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
288000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_nolhc_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
290000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0117_nojet (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
290200 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_nojet (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
290400 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0119_nojet (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
291000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0117_nojet (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
291200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_nojet (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
291400 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0119_nojet (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
292000 NNPDF30_nlo_nf_4_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
292200 NNPDF30_nlo_nf_5_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
292400 NNPDF30_nnlo_nf_4_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
292600 NNPDF30_nnlo_nf_5_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
293000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
295000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
297000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_hera_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
299000 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_hera_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
301000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_nolhc_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
303000 NNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
303200 NNPDF30_nnlo_as_0118_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
303400 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
303600 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
303800 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
304000 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
304200 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
304400 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
304600 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
304800 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
305000 NNPDF31_nlo_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
305200 NNPDF31_nnlo_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
305400 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
305600 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
305800 NNPDF31_nlo_hessian_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
306000 NNPDF31_nnlo_hessian_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
306200 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_hessian_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
306400 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_hessian_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
307000 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
309000 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
311000 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
313000 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
315000 NNPDF31_lo_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
315200 NNPDF31_lo_as_0130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
315400 NNPDF31_lo_pch_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
315600 NNPDF31_lo_pch_as_0130 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
315800 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
316000 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
316200 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
316400 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_mc (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
316600 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_C1p6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
316700 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_collider (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
316900 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_proton (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
317100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_noZpt (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
317300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_notop (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
317500 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_nojets (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
317700 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_noLHC (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
317900 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_wEMC (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
318100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_mc_138 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
318300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_mc_164 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
318500 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_mc_138 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
318700 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_mc_164 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
318900 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
319100 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
319300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
319500 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
319700 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
319900 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
320100 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0116 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
320300 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0120 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
320500 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
320700 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
320900 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
321100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
321300 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
321500 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
321700 NNPDF31_nlo_pch_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
321900 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
322100 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
322300 NNPDF31_nnlo_pch_as_0118_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
322500 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0108 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
322700 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0110 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
322900 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0112 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
323100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0114 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
323300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0117 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
323500 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
323700 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0122 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
323900 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0124 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
324100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
324300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
324500 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
324700 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
324900 NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_luxqed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
325100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_luxqed (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
325300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_mc_hessian_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
325500 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_nf_4_mc_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
325700 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW1_hessian_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
325900 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW2_hessian_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
326100 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW3_hessian_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
326300 NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_CMSW4_hessian_100 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
330000 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01180_1000 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
331100 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01180 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
331300 NNPDF40_nnlo_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
331500 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01180_hessian (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
331600 NNPDF40_nnlo_hessian_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
331700 NNPDF40_nlo_as_01180 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
331900 NNPDF40_lo_as_01180 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
332100 NNPDF40_nnlo_pch_as_01180 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
332300 NNPDF40_nlo_pch_as_01180 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
332500 NNPDF40_lo_pch_as_01180 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
332700 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01160 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
332900 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01170 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
333100 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01175 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
333300 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01185 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
333500 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01190 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
333700 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01200 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
333900 NNPDF40_nlo_as_01170 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
334100 NNPDF40_nlo_as_01190 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
334300 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01180_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
334500 NNPDF40_nnlo_as_01180_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
334700 NNPDF40_nlo_as_01180_nf_4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
334900 NNPDF40_nlo_as_01180_nf_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
335100 NNPDF40_nnlo_pch_as_01180_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
335300 NNPDF40_nlo_pch_as_01180_nf_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
335500 NNPDF40_nnlo_nf_4_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
335700 NNPDF40_nlo_nf_4_pdfas (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
500000 CT14MC1nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
502000 CT14MC2nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
504000 CT14MC1nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
506000 CT14MC2nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900000 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_He4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900100 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Li6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900200 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Be9 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900300 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_C12 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900400 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Al27 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900500 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Ca40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900600 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Fe56 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900700 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Cu64 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900800 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Ag108 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
900900 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Sn119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
901000 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_W184 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
901100 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Pt195 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
901200 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Au197 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
901300 EPPS16nlo_CT14nlo_Pb208 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902000 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_He3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902150 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_He4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902300 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Li6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902450 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Be9 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902600 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_C12 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902750 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_O16 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
902900 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Al27 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903050 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Ca40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903200 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Ar40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903350 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Fe56 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903500 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Cu64 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903650 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Ag108 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903800 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Sn119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
903950 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_W184 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
904100 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Pt195 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
904250 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Au197 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
904400 EPPS21nlo_CT18Anlo_Pb208 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
950000 JAM19PDF_proton_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
951500 JAM20-SIDIS_PDF_proton_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2000000 NNFF10_PIm_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2000200 NNFF10_PIp_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2000400 NNFF10_PIsum_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2000600 NNFF10_PIm_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2000800 NNFF10_PIp_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2001000 NNFF10_PIsum_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2001200 NNFF10_PIm_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2001400 NNFF10_PIp_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2001600 NNFF10_PIsum_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2001800 NNFF10_KAm_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2002000 NNFF10_KAp_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2002200 NNFF10_KAsum_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2002400 NNFF10_KAm_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2002600 NNFF10_KAp_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2002800 NNFF10_KAsum_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2003000 NNFF10_KAm_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2003200 NNFF10_KAp_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2003400 NNFF10_KAsum_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2003600 NNFF10_PRm_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2003800 NNFF10_PRp_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2004000 NNFF10_PRsum_lo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2004200 NNFF10_PRm_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2004400 NNFF10_PRp_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2004600 NNFF10_PRsum_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2004800 NNFF10_PRm_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2005000 NNFF10_PRp_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2005200 NNFF10_PRsum_nnlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2006000 NNFF11_HadronSum_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2020000 MAPFF10NLOPIp (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2020250 MAPFF10NLOPIm (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2020500 MAPFF10NLOPIsum (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2021000 MAPFF10NNLOPIp (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2021250 MAPFF10NNLOPIm (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2021500 MAPFF10NNLOPIsum (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2022000 MAPFF10NLOKAp (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2022250 MAPFF10NLOKAm (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2022500 MAPFF10NLOKAsum (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2023000 MAPFF10NNLOKAp (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2023250 MAPFF10NNLOKAm (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2023500 MAPFF10NNLOKAsum (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2050000 JAM19FF_pion_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2051000 JAM19FF_kaon_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2052000 JAM20-SIDIS_FF_pion_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2052250 JAM20-SIDIS_FF_kaon_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2052500 JAM20-SIDIS_FF_hadron_nlo (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2060000 CGMP_B-hadron_NNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2060100 CGMP_B-hadron_to_Jpsi_NNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
2060200 CGMP_B-hadron_to_muon_NNLO_as_0118 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3000000 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_N1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3000300 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_D2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3000600 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_He4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3000900 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Li6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3001200 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Be9 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3001500 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_C12 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3001800 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_N14 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3002100 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Al27 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3002400 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Ca40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3002700 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Fe56 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3003000 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Cu64 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3003300 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Ag108 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3003600 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Sn119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3003900 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Xe131 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3004200 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Au197 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3004500 nNNPDF10_nlo_as_0118_Pb208 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3100000 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_N1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3100300 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_D2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3100600 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_He4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3100900 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Li6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3101200 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Be9 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3101500 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_C12 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3101800 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_N14 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3102100 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Al27 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3102400 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Ca40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3102700 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Fe56 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3103000 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Cu64 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3103300 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Ag108 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3103600 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Sn119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3103900 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Xe131 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3104200 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Au197 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3104500 nNNPDF10_nnlo_as_0118_Pb208 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200000 TUJU19_nlo_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200100 TUJU19_nlo_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200200 TUJU19_nlo_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200300 TUJU19_nlo_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200400 TUJU19_nlo_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200500 TUJU19_nlo_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200600 TUJU19_nlo_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200700 TUJU19_nlo_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200800 TUJU19_nlo_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3200900 TUJU19_nlo_64_29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3201000 TUJU19_nlo_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3201100 TUJU19_nlo_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3201200 TUJU19_nlo_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3201300 TUJU19_nlo_119_50 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205000 TUJU19_nnlo_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205100 TUJU19_nnlo_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205200 TUJU19_nnlo_3_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205300 TUJU19_nnlo_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205400 TUJU19_nnlo_7_3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205500 TUJU19_nnlo_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205600 TUJU19_nnlo_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205700 TUJU19_nnlo_40_20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205800 TUJU19_nnlo_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3205900 TUJU19_nnlo_64_29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3206000 TUJU19_nnlo_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3206100 TUJU19_nnlo_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3206200 TUJU19_nnlo_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3206300 TUJU19_nnlo_119_50 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210000 TUJU21_nlo_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210100 TUJU21_nlo_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210300 TUJU21_nlo_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210500 TUJU21_nlo_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210600 TUJU21_nlo_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210700 TUJU21_nlo_16_8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3210900 TUJU21_nlo_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3211000 TUJU21_nlo_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3211200 TUJU21_nlo_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3211400 TUJU21_nlo_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3211600 TUJU21_nlo_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215000 TUJU21_nnlo_1_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215100 TUJU21_nnlo_2_1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215300 TUJU21_nnlo_4_2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215500 TUJU21_nnlo_12_6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215600 TUJU21_nnlo_14_7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215700 TUJU21_nnlo_16_8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3215900 TUJU21_nnlo_27_13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3216000 TUJU21_nnlo_56_26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3216200 TUJU21_nnlo_131_54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3216400 TUJU21_nnlo_197_79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
3216600 TUJU21_nnlo_208_82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30010000 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_N1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30010300 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_D2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30010600 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_He4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30010900 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Li6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30011200 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Be9 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30011500 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_C12 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30011800 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_N14 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30012100 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Al27 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30012400 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Ca40 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30012700 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Fe56 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30013000 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Cu64 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30013300 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Ag108 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30013600 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Sn119 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30013900 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Xe131 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30014200 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Au197 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30014500 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_Pb208 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30014800 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_O16 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30015100 nNNPDF20_nlo_as_0118_W184 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30020000 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_p (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30020300 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A2_Z1 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30020600 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A4_Z2 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30020900 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A6_Z3 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30021200 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A9_Z4 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30021500 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A12_Z6 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30021800 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A14_Z7 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30022100 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A16_Z8 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30022400 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A27_Z13 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30022700 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A31_Z15 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30023000 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A40_Z20 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30023300 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A56_Z26 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30023600 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A64_Z29 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30023900 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A108_Z54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30024200 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A119_Z59 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30024500 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A131_Z54 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30024800 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A184_Z74 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30025100 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A197_Z79 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30025400 nNNPDF30_nlo_as_0118_A208_Z82 (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100000 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_c_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100025 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_u_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100050 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_d_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100075 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100100 nCTEQ15_D_c_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100125 nCTEQ15_D_u_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100150 nCTEQ15_D_d_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100175 nCTEQ15_D_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100200 nCTEQ15_B_c_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100225 nCTEQ15_B_u_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100250 nCTEQ15_B_d_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100275 nCTEQ15_B_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100300 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_c_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100325 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_d_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100350 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_u_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100375 nCTEQ15_Jpsi_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100400 nCTEQ15_D_c_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100425 nCTEQ15_D_u_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100450 nCTEQ15_D_d_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100475 nCTEQ15_D_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100500 nCTEQ15_B_c_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100525 nCTEQ15_B_u_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100550 nCTEQ15_B_d_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100575 nCTEQ15_B_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100600 EPPS16_Jpsi_c_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100625 EPPS16_Jpsi_u_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100650 EPPS16_Jpsi_d_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100675 EPPS16_Jpsi_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100700 EPPS16_D_c_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100725 EPPS16_D_u_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100750 EPPS16_D_d_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100775 EPPS16_D_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100800 EPPS16_B_c_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100825 EPPS16_B_u_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100850 EPPS16_B_d_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100875 EPPS16_B_90CL_Pb_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100900 EPPS16_Jpsi_c_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100925 EPPS16_Jpsi_u_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100950 EPPS16_Jpsi_d_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30100975 EPPS16_Jpsi_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101000 EPPS16_D_c_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101025 EPPS16_D_u_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101050 EPPS16_D_d_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101075 EPPS16_D_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101100 EPPS16_B_c_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101125 EPPS16_B_u_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101150 EPPS16_B_d_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
30101175 EPPS16_B_90CL_Au_hess (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40000000 NNSFnu_D_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40000300 NNSFnu_D_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40000600 NNSFnu_He_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40000900 NNSFnu_He_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40001200 NNSFnu_Li_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40001500 NNSFnu_Li_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40001800 NNSFnu_Be_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40002100 NNSFnu_Be_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40002400 NNSFnu_C_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40002700 NNSFnu_C_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40003000 NNSFnu_N_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40003300 NNSFnu_N_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40003600 NNSFnu_O_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40003900 NNSFnu_O_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40004200 NNSFnu_Al_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40004500 NNSFnu_Al_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40004800 NNSFnu_Ea_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40005100 NNSFnu_Ea_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40005400 NNSFnu_Ca_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40005700 NNSFnu_Ca_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40006000 NNSFnu_Fe_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40006300 NNSFnu_Fe_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40006600 NNSFnu_Cu_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40006900 NNSFnu_Cu_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40007200 NNSFnu_Ag_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40007500 NNSFnu_Ag_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40007800 NNSFnu_Sn_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40008100 NNSFnu_Sn_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40008400 NNSFnu_Xe_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40008700 NNSFnu_Xe_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40009000 NNSFnu_W_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40009300 NNSFnu_W_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40009600 NNSFnu_Au_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40009900 NNSFnu_Au_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40010200 NNSFnu_Pb_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40010500 NNSFnu_Pb_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40010800 NNSFnu_Ar_lowQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)
40011100 NNSFnu_Ar_highQ (dir) (tar.gz) (info)